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GM Throttle Body Rebuilding Service

Did you know that “Throttle Body Rebuilding Service” is part of what LTS does?

GM TBI Top View

In 1982 GM introduced Throttle Body Injection (TBI). These units have proven to be very durable and have provided fuel economy, performance, and reliable driveability with reduced emissions through the years. But these units are getting some age on them and many are in need of overhaul.

The most common problem with TBI is that the injectors become dirty. Other concerns are worn throttle shaft bushings, pressure regulator leaking or a broken regulator spring and clogged vacuum passages, especially the PCV port.  It is also important to confirm that the unit is the appropriate TBI unit for the vehicle (4.3L / 5.0L & 5.7L all have the same throttle bore but use different flowing injectors).

LTS would like to service your TBI unit and bring your vehicle back to optimum running condition.

Here is what the LTS “Throttle Body Rebuilding Service” includes.

We will disassemble the unit and verify that it is the correct one for the vehicle. The Throttle Position Sensor and the Idle Air Control motor will be tested at this time. If there is a discrepancy with the injectors or a problem is found with the TPS or IAC you will be notified of you options. Damaged injector housings and the TBI main body can usually be replaced from our core inventory.

TBI Throttle Shaft View
  • All non-electrical components are cleaned in our ultrasonic tank to insure the best cleaning possible.
  • New throttle shaft bushings installed (if necessary). *A lot of times there is not a problem with the throttle shaft. If we feel it is acceptable we will discuss this with you.
  • The fuel injectors will be electrically load tested to confirm the integrity of the coil winding.
  • The injectors will then be ultrasonically cleaned and dynamically flow tested to make sure they meet specifications. The injectors receive new filters and o-rings.TBI Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • A new pressure regulator diaphragm will be installed. *Once the regulator is reassembled, it is tested to validate spring pressure and to test for leaks.
  • New gaskets are installed during reassembly. Even those hard to ones that go on the fuel line fittings.

If you are looking to make some modifications, LTS can also help with that. We can install an adjustable pressure regulator and preset it to your desirable pressure. Don’t forget about installing a performance injector housing spacer also. It raises the injector housing ¼” and allows more airflow into your engine (possibly up to 15% more air).

For more information about our “Throttle Body Rebuilding Service”  call LTS @ 1-888-809-3835.